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Music and Performing Arts

            Music is an integral part of life at REACH Academy. The entire student body participates in two musical performances as well as a theatrical production each year. Students can also choose to join Concert Choir and perform for groups like veterans in the community.

Field Trips

Field trips enrich and expand the educational experience by providing students with the opportunity to explore in person what they have learned in the classroom. The real-world connection and hands-on experience reinforces concepts learned in the classroom and makes learning more  meaningful.

Swimming and Outdoor Activities at REACH

Swimming, one of the best forms of exercise, is an important component of the physical education curriculum at REACH.  Our on-site Olympic sized swimming pool offers students the  opportunity to strengthen swimming skills, learn water safety, and improve levels of physical fitness.

REACH also offers numerous outdoor resources that enrich daily student life. REACH has an outdoor playground for younger students, a baseball diamond, and soccer field. Whether it is an outdoor physical education classes, recess, or a lunch time picnic, REACH students have ample opportunities throughout the day to get out and move!

Experimenting in Lab
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